5 Best Video Marketing Tips For Social Media Boom

by Adam Torkildson | April 9, 2019

Just about every old platform out there including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are adding new spots for different video options. Newer platforms such as Snapchat, Blab, and Periscope are building themselves around video.

Videos are completely changing the way we communicate with one another socially as well as the way the world conducts business. Check out these marketing tips to help you jump on the video bandwagon.

Tip One: Maximize Effectiveness With the Right Video Type

What kind of video should you create? The possibilities are just about endless. Before you get too overwhelmed, step back and think about your purpose for making the video in the first place. Jot down your goals, message, and target audience to give you a little focus. Once you have that, then you can get creative.

Check out easy-to-use templates at resources like Motion Array video effects. Not only will you get some fabulous ideas, you’ll also be able to tap into a wealth of footage, effects, and ready-made ingredients for a professional video. For example, check out this Premiere Pro intro template that’s perfect for introducing a product, service, or company on social media. Don’t worry, it’s all easily customizable so you can make your project your own.

Some popular video types that deliver effective communication include explainers, product reviews, demonstrations, or interviews. Use the medium to demonstrate how something works or go for an all-out creative advertisement.

One final consideration is video length. Both short and long-form videos have their place and purpose. Consider which social media platform will be your first priority and create a video to fit its requirements.

Tip Two: Share Videos to Broaden Reach

Okay, so you’ve got your goals, your message, and your audience. You pulled some great templates and made them unique. Viola! You’ve produced a professional, awesome video. Don’t just post it on your number one social media channel. Find ways to share, adjust, tweak, and repost so you can maximize your reach.

If you’ve broadcast a video on Instagram, share it with Twitter and Facebook. Facebook has about one-third of the world’s population tuning in and watching 100 million hours of video every day. Add links to your video from a website or blog, and upload it to your YouTube channel. Created something for Blab? Cross-market that one on YouTube as well. And don’t forget to summarize the content in written form for anyone who’d prefer to read it as well.

Tip Three: Offer Live Videos

There’s something enchanting about live videos that attracts viewers. Instagram makes live streaming easy and incorporates the 24-hour limited availability to get people to watch right now.  Facebook also offers a tool for live broadcasts.

This strategy is great for time-sensitive news such as big product announcements or crisis communications as well as a friendly way to touch base with your target audience.

Tip Four: Optimize Video SEO

After Google, YouTube is searched most frequently by all those potential viewers out there. You want to be sure to optimize your video SEO. Be sure your titles reflect what your video and message are all about and think about the phrases and words people would search for to find you. 

In addition, you can add metadata that will lead those search engines to your videos as well as tag your program with words, phrases, and even misspellings that may guide searchers to your video.

Tip Five: Track Results and Customize

The beautiful thing about posting videos on social media these days is that it’s fast, easy, and changeable. Take advantage of the user-friendly technology by testing different kinds of videos, lengths of shows, and interactions to see what works best for your particular need or business.

Once you’ve tracked your results, you can easily go back and customize your program or channel to increase subscription rates and viewership.

Are you ready to take a few of these tips to heart and take advantage of the social media marketing world that awaits you? Remember to start with clear objectives and target audiences, add easy-to-use  Motion Array video effects, and incorporate plenty of experimentation and creativity. With that plan in hand, you’ll find yourself with a video strategy that can’t be beat.

Thia article was repurposed from Social Media Explorer on 30 April 2019.