6 Ways to Improve Social Media Organic Reach

Posted By Jane Danes on Dec 29, 2020

Social media organic reach is plummeting. And it declines further and further. As a result, you’re getting a tiny portion of your investment. 

The number of people who can see your non-sponsored posts on social media is low. That’s why many businesses now are boosting their budget to promote their content. 

Why It’s Happening? 

Social media platforms are here because they want to make money. But money isn’t the only reason your social media organic reach is falling. 

These platforms want their users to stay on the platform. In that case, they want to show content that’s engaging. 

They have their own algorithm that encourages a positive user experience. The algorithm works by placing your post in a room filled with a small portion of your followers. 

If these fans of yours engage with your content, the social media will introduce your post into a larger room. 

In other words, the more people engage with your content, the more people will see it. 

That said, you need to create shareable content. 

But how? 

1) Connect with Your Audience at an Emotional Level 

Online content that goes viral evokes emotions. Happiness is an emotion that you can use in your content marketing to strike a chord with your audience. 

Everyone wants to be happy. It’s the reason cat content gets many shares and likes, as well as comments. 

Another powerful emotion can also inspire action fear. 

You may also try posting photos that can trigger anger. However, you must limit this type of post as it can lead to more anger and misunderstandings. 

Sadness, too, is a powerful emotion that can lead to a lot of shares and likes. 

It’s the type of emotion that many charity organizations are using when they want to get the attention of their audience. 

Emotions may seem straightforward. But it can be tricky to use them in your marketing

To know the type of content that inspires the right emotions with your target market, you must analyze each reaction. 

For instance, what kind of headlines get a lot of clicks and shares? 

2) Post Trending Topics 

They are topics that everyone is talking about. If you create and share content related to current trends, it gets easily shared. 

One tool you can use to find trending topics is Buzzsumo

It has a feature that allows you to see which content gets shared fastest. The Most Shared section will keep you updated on the most shared content from any industry. 

Exploding Topics is also a good tool to find trending topics. It tells you the hottest new trends. 

You also can’t go wrong with Google Trends. It shows you how popular the search term is in Google. 

3) Know What Your Competitors are Doing 

It’s the easiest way to know what resonates well with your audience. Stalk your competitors to know what they’re doing right. 

Doing competitive research will help you better understand what your competitors’ audiences want. 

Do they engage in posts containing smiling faces? Or do your competitors’ posts about current trends rank well? 

You can start researching up to 5 competitors and find out what social media they’re using to reach out to their audience. 

Then, know the type of content they published in the last six months. Identify the formats and topics they posted. This will help you understand whether or not you’re publishing the same type of content. 

Study the content that gets the highest engagement on their channels. To get started, you should look at the shares, follows, and likes. These pieces of information will help you know what causes the biggest reaction. 

No matter what information you gathered, you must make your content 10 times better than them. In this way, you can convince your audience that yours is the best. 

3) Share Evergreen Content 

In addition to sharing trending topics, you should also consider posting evergreen content

You may try to solve the most common problems in your industry. Or post something that’s funny yet educational. 

By publishing evergreen content, your audiences are likely to be in awe or they may be shocked. 

Share content that lets you connect with your audience who share the same interests as you. 

4) Post User Generated Content 

It’s the most authentic content that you can share with your potential clients on social media. 

Keep in mind that consumers are likely to purchase a product according to the reviews and testimonials they read. 

User-generated content produces more engagement compared to original brand photos. 

Furthermore, people will continue to engage with your brand if you share customers’ photos, videos, or links. 

5) Collaborate with Other People in Your Industry 

One way to do that is to tag another account. You may tag other creators or customers. 

How about influencers? Partnering with influencers may be considered as paid content. Since you want to boost your organic reach, you may wish to eliminate that option. 

Collaborations and crossovers will spark engagement. Similar audiences may also discover your content and account. 

6) Respond to Comments 

Every time someone leaves a comment on your post, make sure to respond quickly. People are likely to engage with your brand or content if they get a response. 

After posting an update, you should stick around. 

In that way, you can quickly respond to the first few comments. It boosts the odds of your content getting more engagement because people reading it will know that you’re currently active. 

That’s your chance to promote your brand. 

It’s also the quickest way for you to eliminate abusive comments. You may address them right away or delete them to maintain a safe space in your channel. 

Customers will follow brands that respond quickly to their comments. They also don’t recommend brands that don’t respond. 

You may use online tools that can help you keep up-to-date with mentions and comments across all platforms. They can help you respond immediately. 


Declining social media organic reach is expected considering that many businesses are using paid posts to reach out to as many people as possible. Use the tips above if your organic reach is plummeting. 

Over to you. 

What other tips you can share to help boost organic reach? Please share them with us in the comments section below.

This article was repurposed from Social Barrel on o4 January 2021.