Integrating Email Marketing with the Art of Instagram to Cover up Social Media Efforts

May 09 2019 | Walter Moore Digital Marketing Expert, Independent 

Email Marketing And The Art Of Instagram

To grow your business, there are multiple strategies to consider. Some of those are email and social media such as Instagram and more. Often known as standalone strategies, combining these two can create magical sparks for your business and leveraging them well can help you get better benefits. It can help to extend the reach of your campaigns, recognize the industrial stalwarts and even get more followers on Instagram, writes Walter Moore, a Freelance Digital Marketing Expert.

To grow your business, there are multiple strategies you have to bother consider. Some of those are email and social media like Instagram and more. Often known as standalone strategies, combining these two can create magical sparks for your business to grow and flourish well. However, leveraging them well in conjunction through email marketing and social media integration can help in attaining more benefits. It can help you to extend the reach of your campaigns, recognize the industrial stalwarts and even focusing more towards getting higher followers for Instagram on the said list now.

Understanding the strategies by combining the options:

Always remember that any form of effective marketing strategy is not always social media like Instagram versus email marketing. In its place, it can be a combination of these two, working hand in hand. Email marketing always proves to be that valuable tool whenever it is associated with lead nurturing and customer acquisition campaign. Well, if you are willing to reinvent the marketing opportunities and take the business to a completely new height, you might have to add social media to the notions behind email campaigns.

Why head towards this mix:

Now you must be wondering why to incorporate IG to the email marketing value. Well, there are some simple yet promising reasons in this regard, which will help you to find the right notion to consider over here.

  • Get the opportunity to procure more subscribers to join your email list for now. In case, people are more into talking about your emails and willing to post them on the social media sections, then it might enhance the word of mouth based publicity well. More people are likely to get chance to just learn about emails and can provide the higher growing chance of the email subscription list.
  • Moreover, this mixture helps in enhancing the marketing metrics well. Working on the principles of the available SMM practices in the email version can always help the readers to share more of the email in a rather easy way. It helps in improving the current likelihood of just getting some of the better opens and even click-through. This section, in turn, helps in enhancing the present conversion rate of email-based marketing campaigns.
  • Working on a platform for the right subscriber interaction? If so, then you have come to the right spot. With the help of diversified platforms, you get new opportunities to just reach out to the customers, prospects and get to engage with them both. Make sure to let the subscribers know that you are well active on social media and ask them to follow you to keep well in touch with discount offers, latest updates, and product launches.
  • Get the chance to double up or amplify the potential the reach of the allotted message. Whenever you are planning to add social media like Instagram into emails, you are actually improving the reach of email through various marketing channels.
  • Get the opportunity to recognize some of the pre-eminent influencers over here. Depending on the retrieved information from the email-based service providers, you get the chance to determine consistent conversions and email openers. The data can be well used for harnessing the power of subscribers and then sending exclusive email campaigns to make them feel a lot special and better.
  • There are times when you have to present options to email subscribers. Email is not necessary to be used as an only marketing channel. It is rather possible that subscribers remain more active on social media other than email. You can choose a platform as the most comfortable way to create interactions with you.

These points are enough to prove the advantages of mixing social media channels like Instagram and more with that of email marketing. There are some steps to follow to cover these tasks right and it is time to learn more about that.

Integrate IG into email marketing by uploading subscribers’ list to social networks:

By just uploading the subscriber’s list to the social networks like Twitter, FB, or LinkedIn, you have to add one face and then name to the email address. It is a proven clever way to start following the present subscribers on the social networking panels for procuring that clear preferences and requirement based idea. On the other hand, in case the social media content is rather engaging, chances are high that you get to attract some new followers and get along with quality prospects.

Inviting IG followers to subscribe to an email marketing list and the other way round:

It is true to state that the newsfeed algorithm keeps on evolving. Therefore, it becomes rather challenging to reach and then engage prospects on social media. In the same way, you might find yourself losing followers occasionally and struggling quite hard to get reconnected with the same crowd.

  • There are multiple times when the social media based business page might get shit down because of malware or big attack.
  • Even though this sage might not always often that much, chances are high that you might be losing your carefully grown and large audience within a split second.
  • At this point, it is always mandatory to stay right on the safer side. For that, you have to invite the social media based followers to be your present email subscribers.

Encouraging your people well to follow and become email subscribers is a great way to strength out the rapport with social media based community. It is mainly because email is here to help you get the draft more personalized and even tailor-made to match the subscribers individually.

On the other hand, email is likely to have that higher form of customer lifetime value, when compared to that of IG marketing. So, it is always mandatory to get the best of both the worlds. Adding email marketing with that of the Instagram platform is not that easy, but it is not impossible as well. You have pros to help you with the results now.

This article was repurposed from Martech Advisor on 14 May 2019.