4 Tips for Building Your PR Toolbox

Victoria Taylor June 24, 2020

Let’s talk about data, Twitter data to be specific. Like any social media account, you want the best results from your online marketing efforts. Who doesn’t want to see an increase in followers, retweets, and engagement?

As a brand, your ultimate goal is to use these metrics to increase sales. After all, 75% of B2B businesses market their products or services on Twitter.

Once you’ve finished creating phenomenal content and engaging daily, you should also create a monthly Twitter audit report to measure your account’s ROI.

Without a Twitter audit, you won’t be able to pinpoint your best Twitter strategies, and it all starts with recording the right analytics, which can be a challenge whether you’re an expert or just starting. Using the right Twitter analytics tools can make a big difference between searching through endless Tweets and getting everything you need within a matter of seconds.

Today, I’ll share my favourite free (and paid) Twitter analytics tools you can use to create your next Twitter report.

1. Followerwonk

10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

Followerwonk has been around for years and is loved by seasoned social media managers. It’s one of the best free and paid tools you can use to search for users, compare data with your competitors, and use filters that help you access important aggregate data.

Follower Wonk allows you to identify when your followers are most active, the most effective times to send tweets to maximize your content and engagement.

2. Tweepi

10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

If you’re looking for a Twitter analytic tool that’s more focused on data on your audience, then Tweepi is your tool. You can find users to engage with, like industry leaders or influencers, based on a single keyword. Tweepi is essential if you want to incorporate influencer marketing or finding brands to do co-promotions with in the future.

You also have access to additional features like those who are following you, researching tools to connect with influencers and reliable recommendations for people to follow.

3. ManageFlitter

10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

Manage Filter does exactly what it sounds like; it allows you to filter your Twitter analytics. This tool allows you to declutter your tweets and followers and find out who is engaged and who’s not. You can use this data to help you understand and build a stronger community amongst your Twitter followers.

Manage Filter allows you to spot fake Twitter accounts so you can get the most out of your Twitter following. Their paid account has a cool feature called “PowerPost.” This allows you to know the best time to post Tweets based on your account.

4. Twitter Analytics

10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

Don’t forget Twitter’s own analytics tool. It’s available to all users and can be a great first step to understanding how your tweets perform.

At first, you’re greeted with a 28-day summary, including data on your tweet count, impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers. You can then scroll down and get a month-by-month summary.

There’s also an audiences tab that, unsurprisingly, gives you data on who follows you. This includes demographics, consumer behavior, and lifestyle information. You can then compare this to some pre-built audiences such as millennials or small businesses.

5. Klear

10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

Klear comes with a free version, but it will try to get you to sign up for a paid plan. Start by entering your Twitter handle, and Klear will give you your account’s analytics, though. Klear uses advanced algorithms to differentiate between fake influencers and those that can impact your target audience.

You’ll get an influence score, top-performing posts, and some data on your followers. However, to get a more detailed report, you’ll need to get a paid account.

6. Twitonomy

10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

Twitonomy is a bit different from other Twitter analytics tools because instead of showing your analysis, it shows your account and those of your competitors.

Twitonomy will show you details on Twitter lists you’re both part of, popular Tweets, statistics, and much more. Twitonomy allows you to see ways you can create a Twitter strategy to outdo your competitors.

7. Mentionmapp

10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

If you’re more focused on mention and using it to your advantage. Mentionmapp allows you to create a visual map of hashtags and username mentions based on the people you’ve been engaging with your most recent Tweets.

You can use these tools for social listening, allowing you to take a peek at the conversations being said around your brand and respond.

8. Tweetreach

10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

TweetReach gives you insight on how well or how far your tweets have traveled on and off of Twitter. All you have to do is insert the URL of the page or article you’d like to analyze, and you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the last 50 Tweets you’ve seen, along with your Twitter handle, keywords or hashtags.

9. Foller.me

10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

This tool is excellent for getting an understanding of someone’s Twitter account. Completely free, you just plug in their username, and you get a bunch of data. This can be a great tool for some basic research on influencers, or if you want to see the best way to interact with someone else on Twitter.


10 Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools Youll Love to Use

Keyhole features a full slate of analytics features and in-depth reporting. They also allow you to track and build automated reporting around individual campaigns, perform competitive analysis, and perform research on both live and historical data for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.


When it comes to picking the right tool, you should keep in mind that you’ll need to select the right tool for you. What others might swear by might not have the features your brand needs to grow your Twitter’s online presence.

Take the time to test out each tool to find what fits your goals. Don’t be afraid to invest in paid versions of these tools if you’re willing to test their ROI for your Twitter account.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best free twitter analytic tools:

  1. Followerwonk
  2. Tweepi
  3. ManageFlitter
  4. Twitter Analytics
  5. Klear
  6. Twitonomy
  7. Mentionmapp
  8. Tweetreach
  9. Foller.me
  10. Keyhole

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