Break Bread is a brand and marketing consultancy based in Cape Town, focusing on brand building and brand advocacy in the township market of South Africa.

We offer our services in brand development, brand activation, brand management and brand strategy. Our targeted clients are private companies, public companies, non-profit organizations, state owned entities and private individuals.


Our process around brand development involves understanding the client’s idea around the brand design, the client’s target market and audience.

We do research on the prospect industry, we look at the consumer/customer behavior and we analyze the competitors.

This then helps us to develop a brand strategy for our client.

The brand strategy involves creating characteristics around the brand e.g. what is the brand, what are its features and benefits and what is its price and market.

Our process around brand activation involves making the brand go live.

This means that BBC will make use of marketing tools such as public relations, events, sponsorships, digital marketing and creative advertising to allow consumers to interact with the brand.


Our process around brand management involves maintaining and protecting the brand. The maintenance of the brand could require that we evaluate the brand through surveys. The purpose of qualitative data gathering around the brand is to gauge perception and positioning of the brand around both internal stakeholders such as employees and suppliers and also external stakeholders such as customers and consumers.

The results of such an exercise usually indicates the relationship between where the brand is actually at versus what the client thinks the brand is at or better where the client thinks the brand should be.

The implementation process here is usually brand training and rebranding. Brand training is an internal process; this is where we train the employees about their brand. We revisit and recreate the core objectives, the values and ethics of the brand (where necessary).

This training is done primarily for two reasons, 1; for the employees to understand what they should represent or aspire to represent as part of an organization and 2; to create an organizational culture.

We run a full-service marketing agency to offer brands a complete, 360° marketing experience. See below other services we offer: 

  •  Social Media Management
  •  Public Relations
  •  Digital Content Management
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Branding
  •  Printing
  •  Out Of Home Media Services
  •  Direct Marketing – SMS Lead Generation