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For Black Girls Fashion Trade

Press release:

The recent political unrests in South Africa and globally – ranging from movements such as #FeesMustFall and #StopRacismPretoriaGirlsHigh to #BlackLivesMatter – has seen race and identity at the crux of it all, forcing black people to take a hard look at how they can make a difference in uplifting their communities.

Enter For Black Girls Fashion Trade: a coming together of young, black women who want to give back to black communities, especially young girls, by trading used clothes for education. The main objective of the organisation is to raise funds to empower black girls across our country by eradicating poverty through education. Their request is for public donations of any lightly-worn fashion items (clothing, accessories, shoes, bags).

For BlackGirls Fashion Trade will resell these items, and all profits with go towards an education fund, which will pay for schooling necessities such as fees, textbooks, school uniforms and sanitary products.

For Black Girls Fashion Trade will be launching both online and at an intimate dinner of close friends, associates and media on 3 November 2016.


Nasiphi Fazi – Co – Founder of FBGFashionTrade & Managing Director at Break Bread Group
Hlumisa Mbanga – Co – Founder of FBGFashionTrade & Social Media Specialist at old Mutual
Kuhle Dumeduze – Co -Founder of FBGFashionTrade & Auditor at the Auditor General

Launch date: 4 November 2016
Website: www.forblackgirlsfashiontrade.com
Facebook: @forblackgirlsfashiontradeza
Twitter & Instagram: @FBGFashionTrade


Talk Radio 702: https://soundcloud.com/primediabroadcasting/for-black-girls-fashion-trade-trading-used-clothes-for-education

Expresso Breakfast show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnhIA_ETaBY&feature=youtu.be
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